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A Martial Arts Website Using Mind, Body and Spirit. I am very interested in Martial Arts, as Iíve been training in Tai Chi on and off for ten years as well as an Internal Martial Art called Wu Dao Gong for a year and a half. I have searched many...

Aikido: Sensei Derek Eastman Biography - Part One
Interview with Sensei Derek Eastman. 5th Dan. I have known Sensei Eastman for some 12 years and during those years I have heard so many stories about both Sensei Eastman and Sensei Ellis and their dedication to the early promotion of UK...

New Book - Positive Aikido
Positive Aikido The new book Positive Aikido is probably the most pragmatic book on Aikido. The following information is how the book came into being and how to purchase it. To Order this book from within the UK and EU countries: Trafford...

The Degradation of Fitness Science: One Example
In an article by a well known "functional/core exercise" proponent, there is an attempt to affiliate the concepts of microscopic life of the amoeba with human cellular processes, and "functional training" when the author claims: "Movement, survival...

The Reality Factor
Looking around at different martial arts and the practitioners there is one thing that surprises me very time. Many, may people don't have an R-factor in their training and techniques You see people who get almost punched in their face and they...

You Have To Try This Workout

I've tried many forms of exercise: weightlifting, martial arts, swimming, running and so on. But there's one form of exercise I started doing about 3 months ago that's proved to be an unbelievable workout....


Now I don't mean with sparring gear on, getting hit in the head. I'm referring to either using a punching bag by yourself, or punching mitts with a training partner. The workout is exhausting and also somewhat of a stress reliever.

I use Everlast gear because their products hold up. We do three intense 2-minutes rounds each with sit ups in between...I'm telling you, what a workout!

These are purely my recommendations based on past experiences:

My training partner and I use the following Everlast punching

mitts: Only $45 dollars and they work great.

If you'd rather not workout with someone, you can get the following punching bag from Everlast for only $160 dollars: It'll last you a long time.

If you think you're in tip top shape, try developing a workout that focuses around boxing. Like me, you may soon find yourself thinking "whoa!"

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